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Mortgage Loan

Amount Rate of Interest
From one lakh to one crore 15.00%
  • Must be a Member of the Co-operative and needs to have all the necessary property records for a mortgage loan.
  • Mortgage Loan documents must be free from any legal disputes.
  • The members availing a mortgage loan must have a yearly income for the loan amount.
  • The Income Tax paid documents required for the three years.

Simple mortgage for immovable property.


As applicable.

Other charges

As applicable.


Two sureties required from regular members of the society.

Important enclosures for immovable property loan applications :
  • Photo-2 No's
  • Address Proof
  • Income Tax , Business Income Proof / Salary certificate
  • Office ID Card for salaried person
  • Income Returns for preceding 3 years
  • Last 6 Months Bank Statement
Xerox copies of pledged ( Property Documents ) :
  • Sale Deed in the Name of Applicant
  • Mother Deeds
  • Rectification Deeds ( If any )
  • E.C. ( Last 30 Years )
  • Up-to-Date Tax paid Receipts
  • Latest Katha Certificate and Extract
  • Sanctioned Building Plan, Layout Plan
  • Estimation of construction of the Building
  • Other Relevant Documents as per the Legal Opinion
Surety :-
  • photo-1 No's
  • Address Proof & ID Proof
  • Income Tax , Business Income Proof / Salary certificate
  • Office ID Card for salaried person
After loan sanction:-
  • Deposit of Title Deed/ Mortgage Deed
  • Necessary Original Documents ( property Documents)
  • Indemnity Bond With Applicant's Family Members Signature
  • Declaration Cum undertaking
  • Loan Repayment Promissory Note
  • Salary Recovery Authorization Letter ( In case of salaried person )
  • Other Relevant Documents ( If any requirement by the co-operative/ Legal Advisor )
Main rules and conditions relating to that loan are as follows.

1. The claimant is requested to have deposit required for a loan sanctioned by the Co-operative as per existing by laws.
2. They are requested to bare the cost of registration of the property mortgaged to the society.
3. Loan Processing Fees and Other expenses will be paid by the member for the sanctioned loan.
4. the borrower and the sureties are required to furnish documents related to aforesaid loan and sign in the required documents.
5. The applicants are advised to maintain the immovable property pledged to the society in a good condition and pay related taxes/insurance/other expenses time to time. If necessary the society reserves the right of inspection by designated officers.
6. The Loan installment should be paid between 1st and 10th of every month.1% extra interest will be charged on remaining balance if loan installment is not paid within fixed date.
7. Surety is also responsible for non-payment of loan installment and overdue.